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§4-7. Charge of the Athletics Committee

2021-2022 Members

For contact information, please go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Directory. The chair of the committee is italicized. Terms begin on July 1 and expire on June 30 of the year indicated below.

Last NameFirst NameDepartmentSchoolSeatTerm Expires
BalabanRitaEconomicsArts and SciencesAt-Large2022
BroomeLissaLawLawFaculty Athletics RepresentativeEO
DaughtersStaceyPsychology and NeuroscienceArts and SciencesAt-Large2023
HollidayAmandaNutritionPublic HealthAt-Large2023
McHaleAimeePH Leadership ProgramPublic HealthAt-Large2022
RahangdaleLisaObstetrics and GynecologyMedicineAt-Large2024
SmithJayHistoryArts and SciencesAt-Large2023
Smith-RyanAbbieExercise and Sport ScienceArts and SciencesAt-Large2022
UnahIssacPolitical ScienceArts and SciencesAt-Large2024
WeightErianneExercise and Sport ScienceArts and SciencesAt-Large2024
To be filledStudent-Athlete Advisory Council2022
To be filledStudent-Athlete Advisory Council2022

Non-Voting Consultants

Michelle Brown, Assistant Provost and Director of the Academic Support Program for Students

Debbi Clarke, Associate Provost for Strategy and Special Projects

Bubba Cunningham, Director of Athletics

Kevin Guskiewicz, Chancellor

Dwight Hollier, Senior Associate Athletics Director

Vince Ille, Senior Associate Athletics Director


Meeting Schedule


Contact the Faculty Athletics Committee

FAC General Comments Form

This is a general form for sending comments, questions, or concerns to the members of the UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty Athletics Committee.

Annual Reports

Meeting minutes










Faculty Athletics Committee public statements and special events

From time to time the Faculty Athletics Committee issues public statements on matters within its purview or conducts special events to foster campus conversation about its work.  You may find all of these statements and coverage of these special events archived here.

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