Committee Charge

From Section 5.B. of The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance: 1. Appointment. The Chair of the Faculty shall appoint a five-member Faculty Honor System Advisory Committee, drawn from faculty members with interest and experience concerning the campus Honor System. In making the requisite appointments, the Chair of the Faculty shall take into account recommendations by the Undergraduate Student Attorney General, the Chair of the Undergraduate Honor Court, and the Graduate Student Attorney General. In making appointments, the Chair of the Faculty should strive to maintain a committee that is broadly representative (in terms of academic units and faculty rank) and possesses relevant expertise (such as experience with legal systems, knowledge of undergraduate and graduate-level issues, experience with instructional development, and awareness concerning the operation of the Honor System). Members of the advisory committee shall serve for overlapping three-year terms or until their successors have been appointed. 2. Duties. The Faculty Honor System Advisory Committee shall have the following duties: providing advice when appropriate to the Undergraduate and Graduate School Attorneys General regarding difficult academic charge decisions; communicating to student judicial officers information regarding faculty concerns or suggestions for improvement of the Honor System; assisting the student judicial officers with outreach and educational activities to involve academic departments and the greater campus community in discussion of issues of honor and integrity; assisting in the development of training materials for use in the Honor System; serving as a source of expertise and advice on educational sanctions; and such other duties as may be appropriate to bolster the effectiveness and smooth operation of the Honor System.

2019-2020 Committee Members

For contact information, please go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Directory. The chair of the committee is italicized. Terms begin on July 1 and expire on June 30 of the year indicated below.

Last NameFirst NameDepartmentSchoolTerm Expires
DouglasEduardoArt and Art HistoryArts and Sciences2022
PruvostValérieRomance StudiesArts and Sciences2020
RamosSilviaBiochemistry and Biophysics Medicine2020
SturkeyWilliamHistoryArts and Sciences2022
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