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By policy and by longstanding practice, each year the University welcomes new undergraduate students who began their postsecondary education at other colleges and universities. By virtue of their talent, their persistence, and their diversity of background and experience, these transfer students enrich the education of their classmates, strengthen the campus community, and help the University achieve its broader mission.

In recognition of the integral role that transfer students play at the University, the Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions established the Committee on Transfer Students in 2010 with an expectation that the committee remain active for four academic years.

The Advisory Committee has charged the committee with developing strategies to enhance the experience of such students at UNC, and especially their retention and graduation rates. Specifically, the Advisory Committee has charged the committee with:

  • Focusing on the needs of students from recruitment through graduation, with a special emphasis on the needs of students who transfer into the junior class.
  • Enhancing outreach and information for prospective and admitted students.
  • Exploring opportunities to centralize services for transfer students.
  • Expanding programming and services, including advising, orientation and other transition services, and the evaluation of transfer credit.
  • Increasing participation in undergraduate learning opportunities outside of the classroom—for example, in undergraduate research, study abroad, service learning, and internships.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of current and proposed initiatives that strengthen the experience and the success of students.

2013-14 Membership

The members and the chair are appointed by the chair of the Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions. Because the committee is expected to conclude its work within four years, the members serve without fixed term.
Adopted August 2010
Revised November 2012

Last Name First Name Constituency/Electoral Division Term Expires
Abels Kim Writing and Learning Center 2014
Bartholomew Kathryn Housing and Residential Education 2014
Brazile Kyle Undergraduate Admissions 2014
Coleman Drew First Year Seminars 2014
Duncan Heather University Registrar 2014
Egbert Rebecca Undergraduate Admissions, Chair 2014
Fisher Annice Undergraduate Retention, Education 2014
Gomez Emily University Career Services 2014
Mann April New Student and Carolina Parent Programs 2014
Murphy Kaitlyn School of Information and Library Science 2014
Perez Josmell Diversity and Multicultural Affairs 2014
Shemer Gidi Biology 2014
Soberl Dennis Academic Advising 2014
Trollinger Ann Scholarships, Awards and Student Aid 2014
Woodard Brian Undergraduate Admissions 2014


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