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Each spring, the Office of Faculty Governance conducts an election for faculty to select their representatives on the Faculty Council as well as to vote for members to serve on faculty-wide committees. Every three years, faculty elect a new chair of the faculty.

The 2021 Annual Faculty Election will held April 1-13. All members of the voting faculty will be emailed a link to an individualized ballot on April 1. Results will be announced at the April Faculty Council meeting and posted online by April 16. Please see the 2021 Voter Guide to see what’s on the ballot and to learn about this year’s candidates.

Voting eligibility and process

Please see Faculty Code ยง 1-4 for information on eligibility for voting.

All members of the Voting Faculty receive an email with an individualized link to the balloting survey. The ballot is open for about one week.

To vote, simply click link to your ballot and proceed through the pages to make your selections for each race for which you are eligible to vote. (The ballot will only offer you the seats for which you are eligible to vote.) At the end, hit “submit,” and your vote will be registered.

If you believe you are eligible to vote but do not receive (or cannot find) your ballot, please contact our office at


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