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The results of the 2012 faculty elections are in!  Congratulations to all those elected, and many thanks to everyone who volunteered to run for all offices and all of the voters who took time to cast ballots.

Voter turnout

Valid ballots were issued to 3635 voting-eligible members of the faculty.  1508 voters cast ballots, for a turnout rate of 41.5%, the best rate since our record-keeping on turnout percentages began in 1997.

Full voter turnout results by voter division and some comparative data for prior years are provided below the election results.

Election results

Winners are listed below in alphabetical order.  These individuals were elected and will take office July 1, 2012 for a three-year term ending June 30, 2015. There is an expectation that you will attend all meetings of the body to which you have been elected unless prevented for good cause. There is no procedure for designating a substitute for less than one semester. There is also no procedure for voting by proxy or in absentia. If you plan to resign from the University, retire, or go on leave for one semester or longer, please inform the Office of Faculty Governance.

Alternates are listed in the order of votes received.  These individuals were not elected, but may be called upon to serve in the future should a temporary or permanent vacancy arise on the committee for which you were a candidate.  In those cases, the Secretary of the Faculty fills the vacancy by appointing the first alternate in the most recent election for that position.

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee
Biddle, AndreaWINNER
Huber, EvelyneWINNER
Kasson, JoyWINNER
Duronio, RobertALTERNATE 2
Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (Arts and Sciences)
Matchinske, MeganWINNER
McReynolds, LouiseWINNER
Versenyi, AdamALTERNATE 1
Taylor, ToddALTERNATE 2
Nelson, AlanALTERNATE 3
Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (Professional Schools other than Medicine)
Herring, AmyWINNER
Johnston, AnneALTERNATE 1
Polsky, GreggALTERNATE 2
Committee on Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (School of Medicine)
Corbie-Smith, GiselleWINNER
Sancar, EstaALTERNATE 1
Tisch, RolandALTERNATE 2
Educational Policy Committee
Schoenfisch, MarkWINNER
Spinner-Halev, JeffWINNER
Vaidyanathan, GeethaWINNER
Shemer, GidiALTERNATE 1
Styers, RandallALTERNATE 2
Faculty Assembly Delegation
Kurtz-Costes, BethWINNER
Leonard, StephenALTERNATE 1
Houston, NormaALTERNATE 2
Faculty Athletics Committee
Mosley, LaynaWINNER
Orringer, GeneWINNER
Perrin, AndyWINNER
Janken, KenALTERNATE 1
Unah, IsaacALTERNATE 2
Faculty Executive Committee
Chapman, MimiWINNER
Guskiewicz, KevinWINNER
Maffly-Kipp, LaurieWINNER
Shields, SarahWINNER
Curtain, TylerALTERNATE 1
Lastra, AnselmoALTERNATE 2
Faculty Grievance Committee (Fixed-Term Faculty)
Salyer, SherryWINNER
Enarson, CamALTERNATE 1
Faculty Grievance Committee (Assistant Professors)
Nackley, AndreaWINNER
McLaughlin, ChrisALTERNATE 1
Faculty Grievance Committee (Associate Professors)
Bechtel, AndyWINNER
Roberts-Lewis, AmeliaALTERNATE 1
Faculty Grievance Committee (Professors)
Chenault, LibbyWINNER
Engel, JonathanALTERNATE 1
Faculty Hearings Committee
Egan, ThomasWINNER
Juffras, DianeWINNER
Warshauer, DavidALTERNATE 1
Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee (Academic Affairs)
Becker, MishaWINNER
Thompson, JamesWINNER
Lastra, AnselmoALTERNATE 1
Financial Exigency and Program on Change Committee (Health Affairs)
Parise, LeslieWINNER
Passannante, TonyWINNER
Kawula, ThomasALTERNATE 1
Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee
Carter, HoddingWINNER
Owen, BobbiWINNER
Daye, CharlesALTERNATE 1
Kenan, RandallALTERNATE 2
Administrative Board of the Library, Fine Arts & Humanities
Gura, PhilipWINNER
Ferris, MarcieALTERNATE 1
Administrative Board of the Library, Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Vision, ToddWINNER
Stotts, DavidALTERNATE 1
Administrative Board of the Library, Social Sciences
McMillan, TimothyWINNER
Balaban, RitaALTERNATE 1
Fine Arts Division Chair
Toppin, LouiseWINNER
Fine Arts Division Vice Chair
Navalinsky, DavidWINNER
MacNeil, AnneALTERNATE 1
Humanities Division Vice Chair
Amago, SamuelWINNER
Ariel,  YaakovALTERNATE 1
Social Sciences Division Chair
Williams, HeatherWINNER
Social Sciences Division Vice Chair
Crescenzi, MarkWINNER
Scarry, MargaretALTERNATE 1
Faculty Council: Division 2 (Arts & Sciences, Humanities) Tenured
Hsu, CarmenWINNER
Moreton, AlfredALTERNATE
Faculty Council: Division 2 (Arts & Sciences, Humanities) Non-tenured
Heitsch, DorotheaWINNER
Pertsova, KatyaWINNER
Veggian, HenryALTERNATE 1
Faculty Council: Division 3 (Arts & Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics) Non-tenured
Boettiger, CharlotteWINNER
Mihalik, JasonALTERNATE 1
Wiss, FrederickALTERNATE 2
Faculty Council: Division 4 (Arts & Sciences, Social Sciences) Tenured
Watson, HarryWINNER
Baumgartner, FrankALTERNATE 1
Moody, AaronALTERNATE 2
Faculty Council: Division 4 (Arts & Sciences, Social Sciences) Non-tenured
Waterhouse, BenjaminWINNER
Lauen, DouglasALTERNATE 2
Faculty Council: Division 5 (University Libraries) At-large
Collier, ShaunaWINNER
Stachowicz, ChristineALTERNATE 1
Squires, StevenALTERNATE 2
Faculty Council: Division 8 (School of Education) At-large
Houck, EricWINNER
Gulledge, SuzanneALTERNATE 1
Faculty Council: Division 10 (School of Law) At-large
Hirsch, JeffreyWINNER
Pryal, Katie RoseALTERNATE 1
Faculty Council: Division 12 (School of Government) At-large
Stenberg, CarlWINNER
Botts, MarkALTERNATE 1
Faculty Council: Division 13 (School of Medicine) Non-tenured
Bunch, DonnaWINNER
Hackman, TrevorWINNER
Joyner, BennyWINNER
Koomen, MarciaWINNER
Moon, TaraWINNER
Wang, AndrewWINNER
Watson, RobertALTERNATE 1
Chera, BhishamjitALTERNATE 2
Faculty Council: Division 16 (School of Pharmacy) Non-tenured
Perksy, AdamWINNER
Anksorus, HeidiALTERNATE 1
Faculty Council: Division 17 (School of Public Health) Tenured
Mayer-Davis, BethWINNER
Faculty Council: Division 17 (School of Public Health) Non-tenured
Paul, JohnWINNER
Bodnar, WandaALTERNATE 1
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