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About the Secretary of the Faculty

As stated by Section 3-2 of the Faculty Code, the secretary of the faculty has the following responsibilities:

  • To keep minutes of all meetings of the General Faculty and of the Faculty Council;
  • To conduct all elections of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council;
  • To conduct correspondence pertaining to elections and actions of the two faculty bodies;
  • To maintain files of all nominations and citations for honorary degrees and special awards; and
  • To maintain records of the charge, membership, and duration of all committees about which (s)he is notified.

The secretary serves ex officio as a member of Faculty Council, the Agenda Committee, the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, the Faculty Executive Committee, the Committee on University Government, the Nominating Committee, the Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee, the Commencement Committee, the Commencement Speaker Selection Committee, and the University Day Committee.

The secretary’s office was established at the University’s founding and its incumbent was responsible for keeping student records until 1886. The role has been revised over time.

The secretary serves a five-year term and is eligible for re-election. The Advisory Committee nominates one member of the voting faculty for the position. After an opportunity for additional nominations from the floor has been given, the Faculty Council elects the secretary of the faculty.

Current Secretary of the Faculty: Vincas P. Steponaitis


Vincas P. Steponaitis is a professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, and formerly served as chair of the Curriculum in Archaeology and Director of the Research Laboratories of Archaeology. Steponaitis received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan. He joined the Carolina faculty in January 1988 and became secretary of the faculty in July 2016.

Steponaitis’s research focuses on the precolonial Indian cultures of the American South, the development of chiefdoms, studies of ancient art styles, and the analysis of ancient ceramics. In addition to numerous articles, his books include Ceramics, Chronology, and Community Patterns: An Archaeological Study at Moundville (Academic Press 1993; reprinted U. Alabama Press 2009), Archaeology of the Moundville Chiefdom (co-edited with V.J. Knight, Smithsonian Inst. Press 1998; reprinted U. Alabama Press 2007), and Rethinking Moundville and its Hinterland (co-edited with C. Margaret Scarry, U. Press of Florida, 2016). He co-created Excavating Occaneechi Town (UNC Press 1998), one of the first digital monographs in archaeology, which won the PSP Electronic Product Award from the American Association of Publishers. He was recently honored with a Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring and a C. Felix Harvey Award from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Professor Steponaitis may be reached at (919) 962-2146 or

Previous Secretaries of the Faculty

1823-1825Joseph Hubbard Saunders
1825George Shonnard Bettner
1826Edward Dromgoole Sims
1826Oliver Woolcott Treadwell
1826-1827John Jenkins Wyche
1827John T. Williams
1827-1828Silas Milton Andrews
1828-1829Lorenzo Lea
1829-1831Thompson Bird
1831-1832Henry Grantham Smith
1832John DeBerniere Hooper
1832-1836David W. McAllister
1836-1844William Henry Owen
1844-1847Charles Force Deems
1847-1856Ashbel G. Brown
1856-1866Solomon Pool
1866-1868Charles Phillips
1868-1869Fisk P. Brewer
1869-1870James A. Martling
1870Fisk P. Brewer
1870-1871Alexander McIver
1875-1877George Tayloe Winston
1877-1879Carey D. Grandy
1881-1883Robert Paine Pell
1883-1885Willie Thomas Patterson
1885-1886Joshua Walker Gore
1886-1889James Lee Love
1889-1891Walter Dallam Toy
1891-1896Joshua Walker Gore
1896-1898Collier Cobb
1898-1932Walter Dallam Toy
1932-1934Robert Burton House
1934-1945Thomas James Winston, Jr.
1945-1955Almonte Charles Howell
1955-1956Earl Horace Hartsell (Acting)
1956-1962Almonte Charles Howell
1962-1963Cecil Slaton Johnson (Acting)
1963-1966Almonte Charles Howell
1966-1969Clifford Pierson Lyons
1969-1984Henry Charles Boren
1984-1987Richard William Pfaff
1987-1990Laurence G. Avery
1991-1996George S. Lensing
1996-2016 Joseph S. Ferrell
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