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The annual faculty election was held from April 4-17, 2024.

Find a PDF version of this year’s voter guide at this link.

On the Ballot in 2024

Faculty-Wide Positions

Apportioned Positions

The following electoral divisions did not have apportioned seats to vote on this year: Information and Library Science and Data Science, Journalism and Media, Law, Social Work, Government, Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health

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Faculty-Wide Committee Winners

Advisory Committee

Mara Evans (Biology)
Joan Krause (Law)
Anna Krome-Lukens (Public Policy)

Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee: Arts and Sciences

LeRhonda Manigault-Bryant (African, African American and Diaspora Studies)
Ariana Vigil (Women’s and Gender Studies)

Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee: Medicine

Kim Boggess (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee: Professional Schools (Other Than Medicine)

Marie Mitchell (Business)

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Educational Policy Committee

Lorraine Cramer (Microbiology and Immunology)
Keith Sawyer (Education)
Danielle Zurcher (Chemistry)

Faculty Assembly Delegation

Jan Hannig (Statistics and Operations Research)

Alternate: Sharrah Lane (Romance Studies)
Kristin Papoi (Education)

Faculty Athletics Committee

Travis Albritton (Social Work)
J D DeFreese (Exercise and Sport Science)
Erik Wikstrom (Exercise and Sport Science)
Erika Wilson (Law)

Faculty Executive Committee

Andrea Bohlman (Music)
Anthony Charles (Surgery)
Will Goldsmith (Public Policy)
Viji Sathy (Psychology and Neuroscience)

Faculty Grievance Committee:
Assistant Professor/Assistant Librarian

Brittany Bromell (Government)

Faculty Grievance Committee:
Associate Professor/Associate Librarian

Michelle Meyer (Emergency Medicine)

Faculty Grievance Committee:

Jennifer Alderman (Nursing)

Faculty Grievance Committee:
Full Professor/Librarian

Varina Boerwinkle (Neurology)

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Faculty Hearings Committee

Kurt Gilliland (Cell Biology and Physiology)
Jeffrey Hirsch (Law)
Carmen Hsu (Romance Studies)
Diane Juffras (Government)
Rebecca Walker (Social Medicine)

Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee: Academic Affairs

Lydia Boyd (African, African American and Diaspora Studies)
Rene Lopez (Physics and Astronomy)

Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee: Health Affairs

Jane Brice (Emergency Medicine)
Ron Strauss (Pediatric and Public Health Dentistry; Social Medicine)

General Education Oversight Committee: Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Colin Wallace (Physics and Astronomy)

General Education Oversight Committee: Social Sciences

Amanda Thompson (Anthropology)

Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee

Winifred Fordham Metz (University Libraries)
Genevieve Neal-Perry (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
Lillian Zwemer (Biology)

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Apportioned Position Winners

Administrative Board of the Library

Fine Arts and Humanities

Tanya Shields (Women’s and Gender Studies)

Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Todd Vision (Biology)

Social Sciences

Chad Bryant (History)


Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee

Fine Arts

David Garcia (Music)

Social Sciences

Meenu Tewari (City and Regional Planning)

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Faculty Council

Division 2. Humanities, College of Arts of Sciences, Nontenured

Laura Demsey (Romance Studies)

Division 3. Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Nontenured

Wubin Bai (Applied Physical Sciences)

Division 4. Social Sciences, Nontenured

Erica Johnson (Global Studies)

Division 4. Social Sciences, Tenured

Conghe Song (Geography)

Division 5. University Libraries, At-large

Renée Bosman

Division 7. School of Business, Non-Tenured

Arzu Ozoguz

Division 8. School of Education. At-large

Helyne Frederick

Division 13. School of Medicine, Nontenured

Kristy Borawski (Urology)
Kristalyn Gallagher (Surgery)
Christina Kahl (Hospital Medicine)
Elisabeth Leong (Pediatric Cardiology)
Jennifer McEntee (Medicine Hospitalist)
Abhi Mehrotra (Emergency Medicine)
Tara Moon (Health Sciences)

Division 13. School of Medicine, Tenured

Cindy Gay (Infectious Diseases)

Division 18. Retired Faculty, At-large

Harry Watson (History)

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