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The annual faculty elections will be held April 18-25, 2016. Electronic ballots will be sent by email to all members of the Voting Faculty. Voting will include positions elected faculty-wide and apportioned positions elected only by voters in particular voting divisions.

A brief voter guide with all positions and candidates’ names may be found here. (This is the (corrected) guide printed in the University Gazette.)

Faculty-Wide Positions (All faculty vote for these)

  • Chancellor’s Advisory Committee
  • Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure
  • Educational Policy Committee
  • Faculty Assembly Delegation
  • Faculty Athletics Committee
  • Faculty Executive Committee
  • Faculty Grievance Committee
  • Faculty Hearings Committee
  • Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee
  • Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee

Apportioned Positions include Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee, the Administrative Board of the Library, and Faculty Council.

Voter Guides

For ease of review, we have split the full voter guide (with candidate photos, statements, and bios) into division-specific guides that will show voters in each division only the offices for which each division will be able to vote.  Click on your division to find a customized voter guide tailored to what you will see on your ballot.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Faculty Governance at (919) 962-2146.

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