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The results of the 2016 faculty elections are in!  Congratulations to all those elected, and many thanks to everyone who volunteered to run for all offices and all of the voters who took time to cast ballots.

Voter Turnout

For the regular faculty elections, valid ballots were issued via email to 3727 voting-eligible members of the faculty.  1524 voters cast ballots, for a turnout rate of 40.9%.

There was no election in the retired faculty division this year.

Full voter turnout results by voter division and some comparative data for prior years are provided below the election results.

Elections Results

The elections results below list the candidates in order from most to least votes received.

Those listed as elected will take office July 1, 2016 for a three-year term ending June 30, 2019. There is an expectation that you will attend all meetings of the body to which you have been elected unless prevented for good cause. There is no procedure for designating a substitute for less than one semester. There is also no procedure for voting by proxy or in absentia. If you plan to resign from the University, retire, or go on leave for one semester or longer, please inform the Office of Faculty Governance.

Alternates were not elected, but may be called upon to serve in the future should a temporary or permanent vacancy arise on the committee for which you were a candidate.  In those cases, the Secretary of the Faculty fills the vacancy by appointing the first alternate in the most recent election for that position.

Chancellor's Advisory Committee (Vote for 3)
Renner, JoyElected
Grine, AlysonElected
Howard, MatthewElected
Parsons, Eileen CarltonAlternate
Ahalt, StanleyAlternate
Tesh, AnitaAlternate
Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure: Professional Schools Other Than Medicine (Vote for 2)
Smith, JessicaElected
Phillips, CeibElected
Rong, XueAlternate
Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure: Arts and Sciences (Vote for 1)
Spinner-Halev, JeffElected
Nzongola-Ntalaja, GeorgesAlternate
Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure: School of Medicine (Vote for 1)
Estroff, SueElected
Renner, JordanAlternate
Nicholson, WandaAlternate
Educational Policy Committee (Vote for 3)
Reiter, KristinElected
Shemer, GidiElected
Hughes, SherickElected
Petschauer, MeredithAlternate
Balaban, RitaAlternate
Faculty Assembly Delegation (Vote for 2)
Boettiger Cooney, CharlotteElected
Lundberg, ChristianElected
Ives, TimothyAlternate
Oehler, DonaldAlternate
Faculty Athletics Committee (Vote for 6)
Strom-Gottfried, KimberlyElected
Stroman, DeborahElected
Geil, MelissaElected
Knotek, StevenElected
Padua, DarinElected
Guilkey, DavidElected
Metcalfe, JasonAlternate
Tiani, DomenicAlternate
Davison, PatrickAlternate
Jones, DeborahAlternate
Faculty Executive Committee (Vote for 4)
Coyne-Beasley, TameraElected
Larson, JenniferElected
Hunter, CarolElected
Rowsey, Pamela JohnsonElected
Giovanello, KellyAlternate
Aikat, DebAlternate
Chavis, LarryAlternate
Faculty Grievance Committee: Full Professors/Librarians (Vote for 1)
Lambert, MichaelElected
Mohanty, SuchiAlternate
Faculty Grievance Committee: Associate Professors/Associate Librarians (Vote for 1)
Jagger, PamelaElected
Anderson, AnnAlternate
Faculty Grievance Committee: Assistant Professors/Assistant Librarians (Vote for 1)
Smith, MeredithElected
Rodriguez, NancyAlternate
Faculty Grievance Committee: Fixed-Term (Vote for 2)
Posner, BethElected
Felix, AnaElected
Weiler, JonathanAlternate
Tan, XianmingAlternate
Faculty Hearings Committee (Vote for 2)
Chapman, MimiElected
Juffras, DianeElected
Unah, IsaacAlternate
Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee: Division of Academic Affairs (Vote for 2)
Taylor, BeverlyElected
Quercia, RobertoElected
Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee: Division of Health Affairs (Vote for 2)
Beeber, AnnaElected
Willis, MonteElected
Mill, MichaelAlternate
Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee (Vote for 2)
Charles, AnthonyElected
Guillory, J. FerrelElected
Blythe, JohnAlternate
Versenyi, AdamAlternate
Administrative Board of the Library: University Libraries (Vote for 1)
Metz, WinifredElected
Anthony, RobertAlternate
Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee: Humanities (Vote for 1)
Amago, SamuelElected
Nelson, AlanAlternate
Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee: Natural Sciences and Mathematics (Vote for 1)
Lin, MingElected
Engel, JonathanAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 2 (College of Arts and Sciences: Humanities) Tenured (Vote for 2)
Estrada, OswaldoElected
Melehy, HassanElected
Cante, RichardAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 2 (College of Arts and Sciences: Humanities) Non-tenured (Vote for 2)
Lithgow, HilaryElected
Furry, NinaElected
Megel, JosephAlternate
Wegel, TinAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 3 (College of Arts and Sciences: Natural Sciences and Mathematics) Tenured (Vote for 2)
Arnold, JenniferElected
Daughters, StaceyElected
Meyer, GeraldAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 4 (College of Arts and Sciences: Social Sciences) Tenured (Vote for 3)
Baumgartner, FrankElected
Yaqub, NadiaElected
Hill, JonathanElected
Caren, NealAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 4 (College of Arts and Sciences: Social Sciences) Non-tenured (Vote for 1)
Hastings, AnneElected
Vaidyanathan, GeethaAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 5 (University Libraries) (Vote for 1)
Mizzy, DanianneElected
Varner, StewartAlternate
Hart, LauraAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 6 (School of Information and Library Science) At-large (Vote for 1)
Lee, CalElected
Rajasekar, ArcotAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 7 (Kenan-Flagler Business School) Tenured (Vote for 1)
Gilland, WendellElected
Segars, AlAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 7 (Kenan-Flagler Business School) Non-tenured (Vote for 1)
Edwards, CourtneyElected
Chavis, LarryAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 9 (School of Media and Journalism) Tenured (Vote for 1)
Tuggle, CharlesElected
Faculty Council, Division 11 (School of Social Work) At-large (Vote for 2)
Cuddeback, GaryElected
Smith, Barbara (Bebe)Elected
Ansong, DavidAlternate
Day, StevenAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 13 (School of Medicine) Tenured (Vote for 4)
Berkowitz, LeeElected
Brewster, WendyElected
Tepper, JoelElected
Zvara, DavidElected
Gilligan, PeterAlternate
Tisch, RolandAlternate
Nachman, PatrickAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 13 (School of Medicine) Non-tenured (Vote for 5)
Felix, AnaElected
Scarlett, YolandaElected
Renner, JoyElected
Malloy, ErinElected
Fisher, NancyElected
Haithcock, BenjaminAlternate
Calikoglu, MugeAlternate
Beltran, AdrianaAlternate
McGivern, DavidAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 14 (School of Dentistry) Tenured (Vote for 1)
Khan, AsmaElected
Faculty Council, Division 14 (School of Dentistry) Non-tenured (Vote for 1)
Duqum, IbrahimElected
Milano, MichaelAlternate
Stein, MargotAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 15 (School of Nursing) Tenured (Vote for 1)
Mayer, DeborahElected
Yeo, SeonaeAlternate
Santacroce, SheilaAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 15 (School of Nursing) Non-tenured (Vote for 1)
Song, LixinElected
Faculty Council, Division 16 (School of Pharmacy) Non-tenured (Vote for 2)
Anksorus, HeidiElected
Kireev, DimitriElected
Zuercher, BillAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 17 (School of Public Health) Tenured (Vote for 1)
Mayer-Davis, BethElected
Coleman, RosalindAlternate
Faculty Council, Division 17 (School of Public Health) Non-tenured (Vote for 2)
Bangdiwala, ShrikantElected
Rini, ChristineElected
Ramaswamy, RohitAlternate

Turnout by Division

Voting DivisionSchool/DivisionTotal Eligible VotersVotes RecordedTurnout Rate
1Arts and Sciences: Fine Arts814049.4%
2Arts and Sciences: Humanities26813851.5%
3Arts and Sciences: Natural Sciences and Mathematics39015840.5%
4Arts and Sciences: Social Sciences29314047.8%
6School of Information and Library Science281553.6%
7School of Business1213528.9%
8School of Education623150.0%
9School of Media and Journalism492653.1%
10Law School532954.7%
11School of Social Work734865.8%
12School of Government514282.4%
13School of Medicine157052333.3%
14School of Dentistry1074340.2%
15School of Nursing925054.3%
16School of Pharmacy1054038.1%
17School of Public Health2508935.6%

Historical Voter Turnout

Year# Eligible# Voted% Turnout
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