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General Education Oversight Committee

A special election was held Oct. 9-21, 2019 for membership to the General Education Oversight Committee.

The IDEAS in Action General Education Curriculum was approved by the faculty in spring 2019. The proposal for the new curriculum calls for a General Education Oversight Committee to oversee assessment, examine results and propose curricular changes to the new curriculum. The committee will comprise five elected members of the voting faculty, including:

  • One faculty member in a fine arts or humanities department
  • One faculty member in a social sciences department
  • One faculty member in a natural sciences and mathematics department
  • Two additional members of the voting faculty from any department or school

The committee also includes several appointed and ex officio members.

Please see the General Education Oversight Committee election voter guide to learn about the candidates for the Fall 2019 election.

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Fall 2019 Election Results

Fine arts or humanities:
Sarah Dempsey, Communication (2022)

Social Sciences:
Geetha Vaidyanathan, Economics (2021)

Natural Sciences and mathematics:
Charlotte Boettiger, Psychology and Neuroscience (2021)

Any department or school:
Rhonda Gibson, Journalism and Media (2020)
Heidi Kim, English and Comparative Literature (2022)


Parentheses indicate term expiration.

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