Faculty Nominating Committee 2017-18

§4-2. Current Charge of the Faculty Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating Committee can access secure materials via Sakai by clicking here and entering your ONYEN and UNC password.

Administrative Board of the LibraryHugh O'NeillBusiness
Chancellor's Advisory CommitteeLloyd KramerHistory
Agenda CommitteeLeslie PariseBiochemistry
Committee on Appointments, Promotions and TenureJessica SmithGovernment
Faculty Athletics CommitteeDaryhl JohnsonSurgery
Buildings and Grounds CommitteeDavid OwensGovernment
Community and Diversity CommitteeRumay AlexanderNursing
Committee on University CopyrightAnne GillilandLibraries
Educational Policy CommitteeGershun Avilez; David Garcia
English & Comparative Literature; Music
Faculty Assembly DelegationAlice AmmermanNutrition
Faculty Executive CommitteeLeslie PariseBiochemistry & Biophysics
Faculty Grievance CommitteeChristopher McLauglin
Faculty Hearings CommitteeJames Rives
Faculty Information Technology Advisory CommitteeAmanda HenleyUniversity Library
Faculty Welfare CommitteeRhonda Gibson
Media & Journalism
Fixed-Term Faculty CommitteeSusan IronsEnglish and Comparative Literature
Honorary Degrees and Special Awards CommitteeSteve MatsonBiology
Research CommitteeGary Cuddeback
Social Work
Scholarships, Awards and Student Aid CommitteeDonald HornsteinLaw
Committee on the Status of WomenMargot Stein; Brent WissickDentistry; Music
Advisory Committee on Undergraduate AdmissionsAbigail PanterPsychology
Committee on University GovernmentConnie EbleEnglish & Comparative Literature
Ex officioVin SteponaitisSecretary of the Faculty
At largeJay BrenmanCell Biology and Physiology
At largePenny Gordon-LarsenNutrition
At largeJosefa LindquistRomance Studies
At largeChristine StachowiczUniversity Libraries


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