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§4-10. Charge of the Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee.

2020-2021 Members

For contact information, please go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Directory.

The chair of the committee is italicized. Terms begin on July 1 and expire on June 30 of the year indicated below.

Last NameFirst NameDepartmentSchoolSeatTerm Expires
BeeberAnnaNursingNursingHealth Affairs2022
BoettigerCharlottePsychology and NeuroscienceArts and SciencesAcademic Affairs2021
CaronKathleenCell Biology and PhysiologyMedicineHealth Affairs2023
ConwayPatrickEconomicsArts and SciencesAcademic Affairs2021
CopenhaverGregoryBiologyArts and SciencesAcademic Affairs2022
Linnan LauraHealth BehaviorPublic HealthHealth Affairs2021
MatsonStevenBiologyArts and SciencesAcademic Affairs2022
PopkinBarryNutritionPublic HealthHealth Affairs2021
SimpsonBlandEnglish and Comparative LiteratureArts and SciencesAcademic Affairs2023
SleathBetsyPharmaceutical Outcomes and PolicyPharmacyHealth Affairs2023
SumnerSusanNutritionPublic HealthHealth Affairs2022
TempletonJoeChemistryArts and SciencesAcademic Affairs2023
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