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Committee Charge

A General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC) will oversee assessment, examine results, and propose curricular change. Committee members will have revolving terms. The committee will operate under the auspices of the Administrative Boards of the College of Arts and Sciences and will be supported sufficiently to allow ongoing assessment and consideration of innovations in and amendment of the curriculum. The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) will gather and provide appropriate data as needed to support the committee’s work. In the third year following implementation, the Administrative Boards of the College will review the GEOC’s composition and charge. Upon commencement of the IDEAs in Action Curriculum, the five elected members will be chosen in the earliest possible faculty election: two members to two-year terms, two members to three-year terms, and one member to a one-year term. Subsequent members will be elected in the annual faculty election process as terms end. Members may be elected to no more than two consecutive elected terms on the GEOC. New and continuing courses will be reviewed and approved for the curriculum by the GEOC with support from the Office of Undergraduate Curricula.

2022-2023 Members

For contact information, please go to the UNC-Chapel Hill Directory. The chair of the committee is italicized. Terms begin on July 1 and expire on June 30 of the year indicated below.

Last nameFirst nameDepartmentSchoolSeatTerm expires
ChamblessAmyRomance StudiesArts and Sciences Fine Arts or Humanities2025
CramerLorraineMicrobiology and ImmunologyMedicineEducational Policy Committee representative
EskewNitaChemistryArts and SciencesAt-Large2025
MetcalfeJasonMathematicsArts and SciencesNatural Sciences and Mathematics2024
ThompsonAmandaAnthropologyArts and SciencesSocial Sciences2024
Weinberg-WolfJenniferPhysics and AstronomyArts and SciencesAt-Large2023


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