Voting eligibility & process

Please see Faculty Code § 1-4 for information on eligibility for voting.

On April 7, 2017, all members of the Voting Faculty will receive an email with a unique, individualized link to the balloting website.  The ballot email will carry the subject line “Faculty Elections Ballot 2017.”

To vote, simply click the balloting link and proceed through the pages to make your selections for each race for which you are eligible to vote. (The ballot will only offer you the races for which you are eligible to vote.) At the end, hit “submit,” and your vote will be registered.

If you believe you are eligible to vote but did not receive (or cannot find) your ballot, please contact our office right away 919-962-2146 or

2017 elections schedule

  • December 1: Final Voting Faculty list confirmed
  • December 1-15: Chair of the Faculty appointments to the Nominating Committee; identify committee vacancies
  • December 15-22: Schedule Nominating Committee meeting (4 2 hr meetings)
  • December 19-23: Prepare and test Faculty Interest Survey
  • January 10: Apportionment
  • January 16-19: Prepare Nominating Committee worksheets for the first meeting
  • January 22-March 10: Nominating Committee meets
  • February: Contact prospective candidates
  • March: Schedule Chair of the Faculty candidates to meet with University Gazette for profile
  • March: Organize/publicize Chair of the Faculty candidates meet and greet and forum
  • March 10: Deadline for Retired Faculty candidates
  • March 10: Close and finalize the ballot
  • March 10: Contact nominees regarding full voter guide entries
  • March 13: Voter Guide content due to UNC Creative
  • March 17: First draft of the Voter Guide due to OFG
  • March 20: Feedback on first draft of Voter Guide due to UNC Creative
  • March 22: Second draft of Voter Guide due to OFG
  • March 23: Feedback on the second draft of the Voter Guide due to UNC Creative
  • March 27: Final draft of Voter Guide to OFG
  • March 27: Final Voter Guide files due to University Gazette for publication
  • March 31: Web full voter guide(s) published
  • March 31: Deadline for email list from Retired Faculty Association
  • April 4-7: Set up ballot in Qualtrics and test
  • April 5: Gazette Voter guide published
  • April 7-19: Elections ballot deployment
  • April 20: Ballot clean up; notify candidates of elections outcomes
  • April 21: Election results posted and reported at Faculty Council


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