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2023 Faculty Election

Lisa Zerden

Running for: Faculty Hearings Committee
  • Associate Professor; Deputy Director of the UNC Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center; Director of IPE for the School of Social Work
  • School of Social Work
  • Appointed: 2012
  • PhD in Social Work and Sociology; Boston University
UNC Service

I am an Assoc. Professor at the School of Social Work (SSW) and a health services researcher focused on behavioral health workforce, integrated care, and social drivers of health. I am a Research Fellow with the Sheps Center, the Deputy Director for the UNC Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center, and SSW Director for IPE. For 7 years, I was the Senior Assoc. Dean and served on numerous committees at the SSW and University-wide, including the Senior Assoc. Deans Council, the SSW Curriculum Committee (2015 – 2022, chair), Hearing Panelist for the EOC Office (2016-2020), Administrative and faculty searches (2015-2021); among many others.

Candidate Statement

I came to UNC in 2010 as an adjunct instructor and have had numerous positions since becoming the Senior Associate Dean for MSW Education and a tenured professor. These varied experiences have helped me understand the complexities within higher education and faculty appointments. I have experience navigating complicated, sensitive personnel issues within the SSW, and know these situations occur across campus. Faculty hearings should be comprised of faculty representatives who honor and respect tenure policies, re-appointment procedures, and understand the nuances of faculty by rank and classification. A well-represented Faculty Hearings Committee is an essential component to the health, fairness, and vibrancy of our campus faculty body and I would be honored to serve UNC in this capacity.

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