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2020 Faculty Election

Jen Weinberg-Wolf

Running for: General Education Oversight Committee, At-Large
  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Appointed: 2013
  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2006
UNC Service

I serve several roles in the Department of Physics and Astronomy: Teaching Assistant Professor, undergraduate major advisors, faculty advisor for the Visibility in Physics group, and faculty liason for the C-STEP (Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program) Pathways to STEM Success. I'm active on the diversity committee, introductory physics oversight committee and outreach committees (and now Core distance learning group) for our department. College-wide, I served on the advising sub-committee for the new IDEAS curriculum as well as the quantitative reasoning task-force.

Candidate Statement

It is an exciting time at Carolina! I’ve been involved since the initial design of the new curriculum and am working right now to refine aspects of my own class for the new IDEAS curriculum. Serving on the General Education Oversight Committee would allow me stay involved college-wide with the implementation and assessment of the process and see it through the next phase.

As an undergraduate advisor and a professor of an introductory course required for all physical scientists at Carolina, I spend time daily talking with our amazing Tar Heels about their classes and schedules. This gives me a fairly unique perspective on the students we are instructing with our general education curriculum.

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