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2022 Faculty Election

Jonathan Weiler

Running for: Division 4. Social Sciences: Faculty Council, Nontenured
  • Teaching Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Curriculum in Global Studies
  • Appointed: 2005
  • Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill, 1999
UNC Service

PWAD Advisory Board
Administrative Boards of the College of Arts and Sciences
Study Abroad Advisory Committee
Friday Center Advisory Board
Global Gap Year Fellowship Committee
Committee work for both the 2006 general education curriculum overhaul and 2022 general education overhaul

Candidate Statement

I have a wealth of experience at UNC. I've been on this campus for thirty years, as a graduate student, a full-time academic adviser and, for nearly twenty years now, as full-time faculty. As a result of my many years as DUS for Global Studies, I have a very good understanding of the work of academic units across the social sciences and global programs. My experience has afforded me an integrated understanding of the cross-pressures that teaching faculty face in educating students, accommodating their needs and navigating university dictates that ask more and more of teaching faculty. On FC, I would be a voice for insisting that the university commit itself in deed, not just in word, to the needs and well-being of teaching faculty as we've become ever more central to the university's own stated commitment to its students.

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