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2023 Faculty Election

Domenic Tiani

Running for: Educational Policy Committee
  • Teaching Professor
  • Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2003
  • Ph.D., University of Arizona
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

Currently I serve the University as a Covenant Mentor, I participate in the Chancellor Science Scholar (CSS) Interview Day, I am a Carolina Firsts Advocate, and I am a C-STEP (Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program) Faculty Mentor. I am also 1 of 3 academic advisers (~650 majors) in the Department of Chemistry. Over the past 20 years (will be 20 years this coming July), I was invited to serve on the UNC Academic Advising Program Council (2009-2011), I regularly participated in the "Carolina 101" Science and Pre-Health Panels (UNC Admissions), I was a Colonel Robinson Mentor, and a Pre-Health Adviser for 3 years.

Candidate Statement

I was invited to stand for election to the Educational Policy Committee, and am very excited to be considered for service on this committee. As a chemical educator, Term Faculty member, and academic adviser I feel that, like many faculty, I am very familiar with the process of implementing educational policies. My 20 years of experience teaching small (20-40) and large (200-360) classes, as well as my academic advising work, provide me with unique insights and experiences that would allow me to greatly contribute to the committee's work. I have also worked extensively with our undergraduate chemistry lab program which serves a large and diverse group of students, and gives me the opportunity to train and work with graduate teaching assistants. If elected I promise to listen to all diverse perspectives and contribute positively.

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