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2020 Faculty Election

Brian Strahl

Running for: Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee, Health Affairs
  • Professor and Vice-Chair
  • Biochemistry and Biophysics, Medicine
  • Appointed: 2001
  • PhD, North Carolina State University, 1998
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

Below outlines my current and past service at UNC.
1) DGS of BCBP for 6 yrs
2) Vice-Chair of BCBP for 4 yrs
3) Faculty Director of the peptide core facility
4) Initiated a new UNC Program in Chromatin and Epigenetics
5) started a new Chromatin and Epigenetics certificate program
6) Have been strongly involved in BBSP and student mentoring (served on the BBSP admissions committee on and off since 2002; was a BBSP first-year group leader).
7) Have been an integral member of many BCBP Departmental committees
8) Served on multiple UNC committees since being at UNC

Candidate Statement

I have had a long-standing interest in teaching and mentoring at UNC, and have run a successful research lab making cutting edge scientific discoveries. My research experience at UNC, along with my past experience at being the Director of Graduate Studies and now Vice-Chair of my Department, make me optimally qualified for this position.

Given UNC has been at the forefront of research and teaching, we should make sure we continue to lead the way in higher education and in medical and biomedical research and teaching. Being a state school, we are subject to changes in funding at the state level, which can be unpredictable and can have significant consequences on the University, and hence, faculty retention. We need to strive to maintain a strong outreach to remind North Carolinians of the importance UNC brings to the State.

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