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2022 Faculty Election

Arlene Seña-Soberano

Running for: Faculty Assembly Delegation
  • Professor of Medicine; Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology
  • Medicine
  • Appointed: 1998
  • MD, 1992
UNC Service

Over my 24 years as faculty, I served primarily to promote our public service mission as an administrator of a local health department, in which I established a research and training site for medical and public health students. I serve on fellowship program committees within the School of Medicine, and I have been an advisor for numerous fellows and residents, and graduate students in public health. I currently organize the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease conference, and have provided many lectures on and off campus to educate and share communicable disease research that can improve the health of vulnerable populations.

Candidate Statement

My qualifications, experiences and expertise for this position in the Faculty Assembly Delegation are: 1) 20+ years in a leadership and administrative role in local public health, managing programs, and advocating for staff and the community; 2) my long-standing UNC experience (33 years total) as a prior UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate, medical, and graduate student in public health, and as faculty in the School of Medicine; and 3) expertise as a physician scientist in balancing individual health and public service with local, national and international research activities. Being a member of this committee would be a great honor, and I would work diligently to ensure that I can effectively represent the faculty of this great academic institution.

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