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2023 Faculty Election

Roxana Perez-Mendez

Running for: Division 1: Fine Arts - College of Arts and Sciences, Tenured
  • Associate Professor
  • Art and Art History
  • Appointed: 2008
  • MFA, Tyler School of Arts--Temple University
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

Diversity Liaison, Art and Art History Dept. (2021-Present)
Member, Weiss Urban Livability Fellowship Faculty Board, (2013-Present)
Member and Chair, Art and Art History Dept. Diversity Committee (2015-2021)
Member, Art and Art History Dept. Undergraduate Committee Studio (2021-2022)
Member, Art and Art History Dept. Graduate Studies Committee Studio: (2013-2016) (2016, Director)
Director, Art and Art History Dept. The John and June Allcott Gallery: (2008-2010, 2021-present)
Co-Director and Faculty, Study Abroad, Art on the Camino de Santiago, (2018-Present)
Chair, Hiring Committee for Art Laboratory Manager

Candidate Statement

UNC is built on the cornerstone of a diverse community of identities, beliefs, ideas, and collaborations that blazes a path to excellence not only for this generation, but of those to come. I commit to stewardship of this ideal as we protect the health of our community in the face of the attacks on our values of shared governance, of belonging, and academic freedom. My success in service to the Dept. of Art and Art History and commitees I represent is due to dedication, to developing trust and collaboration. Together, we take the long road through the planification process while simultaneously dismantling the policies that do harm. For this reason, I believe my leadership experience has prepared me to be effective in representation of the Division of Fine Arts and to be a voice within the Faculty Council during this critical time.

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