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2023 Faculty Election

Mehul Patel

Running for: Faculty Grievance Committee, Assistant Professor/Assistant Librarian
  • Assistant Professor
  • Emergency Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Appointed: 2016
  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
UNC Service

I served a two-year appointment as a committee member on the UNC Institutional Review Board from 2018-2022. As a researcher myself, I approached my service on the IRB Full Board as a partnership between advancing science and protecting the safety and rights of research participants.
I am currently an Assistant Editor of Methodology for the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. In addition to reviewing manuscripts for scientific quality, I contribute in editorial decisions, and will be involved in the review of appeals of journal decisions.

Candidate Statement

As an Assistant Professor, I am running for election to the Faculty Grievance Committee to ensure that all faculty members have a fair and impartial process to address their concerns. If elected, I will work closely with Committee members to address any grievances that may arise, support faculty colleagues who wish to discuss potential grievances, and review procedures and amend as needed to better reflect University rules and policies. I will work to ensure that the Committee's procedures are transparent and accessible to all faculty members. I will approach my roles on the Faculty Grievance Committee from a place of curiosity and learning the facts rather than rushing to judgement. Lastly, as a member of the Carolina family since 2007, I want to help create a more equitable and supportive academic community for all.

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