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2023 Faculty Election

Gabor Pataki

Running for: Division 3. Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Faculty Council, Tenured
  • Professor
  • Statistics and Operations Research
  • Appointed: 2000
  • PhD,, Carnegie Mellon
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I served on several department level committees and two university level committees.

I served on a committee that established mathematical literacy standards for the Quantitative Reasoning courses in the Ideas in Action curriculum. I also co-chaired a committee that established standards in Quantitative Reasoning courses.

Candidate Statement

I am passionate about helping students to master the basics of mathematical and quantitative literacy. I have been actively involved in this effort for more than 10 years, both through course development and through committee work.

I also believe that a challenge we face is grade inflation. I believe that for the long term success of our students this concern would need to be addressed.

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