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2020 Faculty Election

Robert Martinez

Running for: Faculty Athletics Committee
  • Assistant Professor
  • School of Education
  • Appointed: 2016
  • PhD, North Carolina State University, 2015
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I have been honored by the opportunity to serve the university on multiple fronts. For the sake of brevity, I mention just a few of these service activities. I was nominated for the Chancellor’s Faculty Entrepreneurship and Chancellor Faculty Ambassador program in 2017. In this role, I took part in training activities to represent my research activities to potential donors; attended donor events; and support the Campaign for Carolina by attending multiple donor events. This role has enabled me to represent the School of Education and to educate external audiences.

Candidate Statement

As an ex-student-athlete and coach, I recognized early that my transition out of competition would have a lasting impact on my life, career options, and mental health. Now as an educator understanding and having insights to our student-athletes and the positive and negative outcomes these individuals must navigate during-and-post-collegiate years is vital for institutions, faculty, and community members to recognize and understand. Taking a holistic approach as a committee member would be my priority. From this holistic perspective, focusing in on the mental health, academic, familial, and cultural aspects of their developmental and reviewing the substantial body of literature and unique context of all our student-athletes associated with future career-making and planning for life after Carolina would be at the forefront of my term.

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