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2023 Faculty Election

LaToya Lain

Running for: Division 1: Fine Arts - College of Arts and Sciences, Nontenured
  • Assistant Professor
  • Music, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2018
  • Doctorate of Musical Arts
UNC Service

My service to Carolina is motivated by the same philosophy that inspires both my teaching and research/creative activity. To represent non-tenure faculty on the Faculty Council would be an extreme honor. Although I've been a member of this faculty for a short time, my experiences at my previous appointments have prepared me to serve in this capacity. Previously elected positions include Chairwoman of an Interdisciplinary Council, member of the Board of Directors on the state level for the largest association for teachers of singing, and the non-tenure representative for the School of Music's Executive Council.

Candidate Statement

I am running for this position because I strongly believe that my skillset and experiences have prepared me to be a valuable advocate in the advancement of existing as well an innovative policies that will propel Carolina forward.

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