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2023 Faculty Election

Eric Hodges

Running for: Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee, Health Affairs
  • Associate Professor
  • School of Nursing
  • Appointed: 2007
  • Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I have had the opportunity to serve UNC in a variety of capacities since my appointment as an Assistant Professor in 2007. I have held several roles on committees, both as member and Chair, within the School of Nursing, including search committees, APT, PhD Admissions, Faculty Executive Committee, LeVine Wellness Taskforce, and Office of Inclusive Excellence Advisory Group. At the larger university, I am in my second term on Faculty Council and have served on the Provost’s Committee on Inclusive Excellence & Diversity (2013-15), Graduate School Advisory Board (2015-18), and Chair of the University Diversity Awards Selection Committee (2019).

Candidate Statement

I hold high personal and professional values as it relates to justice and fairness. Members of the Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee have a very important role in regard to providing faculty oversight and advice to the Chancellor in instances in which administrative decisions due to financial exigency or or if there is an elimination or major curtailment of a teaching, research, or public service program may result in the termination of tenured faculty members or faculty with unexpired fixed-term contracts. I place a high value on listening and considering all of the factors that go into decision-making, particularly when decisions affect people's lives. As a nurse, I have been trained to consider issues wholistically and I will bring that mindset to my work on this committee.

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