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2023 Faculty Election

Chloe Hill

Running for: Administrative Board of the Library: Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Teaching Professor of Portuguese
  • Romance Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2020
  • Ph.D., Brown University
UNC Service

During my time in the Department of Romance Studies, I have been a member – and currently serve as chair – of the Undergraduate Research Committee as well as the liaison to the Office of Undergraduate Research. In this role, I have organized several outreach events such as an informational session during the university’s Undergraduate Research Week and a celebration of students’ research projects in the department. I have also served on a search committee for new faculty hires in Portuguese. Additionally, I recently served as guest editor for a special issue of The Journal of Lusophone Studies.

Candidate Statement

Libraries are essential to the work we do in the Humanities and Fine Arts. My work, and that of my colleagues, both in the classroom and in our scholarly pursuits would not be possible without access to the collections and resources of the university’s libraries. During my time in graduate school, I worked closely with special collections – cataloging and archiving and also using special collections as a learning tool in my classroom. I have seen first hand how the library enriches the intellectual life of the university, and if elected to the Administrative Board I would advocate broadly for diverse and inclusive collections that promote discovery, hands-on learning, and innovation. It would be an honor to uphold the university's values of research, scholarship, and creativity by serving as a member of the Library's Administrative Board.

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