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2023 Faculty Election

Sue Estroff

Running for: Faculty Executive Committee
  • Professor
  • Social Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Appointed: 1982
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
UNC Service

Non-SOM Search Committees:
• Department of Anthropology, 1984 and 1985
• Women's Studies Program Director, 1987-1988.
• UNC Chief of Police, 1998 (chair)
• School of Nursing, 1999 (chair)

Bicentennial Speakers Bureau, 1993-95.
Women's Studies Advisory Board, 1986-1988.
Student Affairs Administrative Advisory Committee, 1994-1997.
UNC-CH Speakers Bureau 1994-present.
Executive Committee of the Faculty Council, 1995-1999
University Insurance Committee, 1999-2000
Chair of the Faculty, 2000-2003 (multiple committee service)
Co-Chair, UNC Academic Plan Steering Committee, 2010-11
Academic Plan Implementation Committee, 2011-2013
Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee, 2011-17; Chair 2013-15
Appointment, Promotions, and Tenure Committee 2016-2018
Faculty Executive Committee: 2020-
Senior Faculty Research Leaves Review Committee 2022
Junior Faculty Development Awards Review Committee 2022-
UNC Student Honor System Faculty Panel: 2022-

Candidate Statement

After many years of service followed by a hiatus of direct Faculty Governance engagement, I was elected to the Faculty Executive Committee in 2020. I find the future of the University to be perilous and in need of fierce nourishment and advocacy. Having served in multiple roles on campus during both trying and good times, it has been compelling to re-engage in this way to contribute to our present and to protect our future.

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