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2023 Faculty Election

Dorothy Cilenti

Running for: Division 17: School of Public Health, Nontenured
  • Clinical Professor
  • Maternal and Child Health, Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • Appointed: 2010
  • DrPH, UNC at Chapel Hill
UNC Service

I have served on several search committees for key faculty leadership positions at UNC. I have also served as a Carolina Summer Reading Program Discussion Leader. At the Gillings School of Global Public Health, I served on the Gillings Practice Task Force and currently serve on the Gillings Practice Coordinating Committee. I also served on the Gillings Core Course Instructor Committee and the Assessment Committee for Academic Certificate programs. WIthin the Department of Maternal and Child Health, I served as a member of the MCFH concentration Admissions and Awards committee.

Candidate Statement

My academic work centers on strengthening public health systems to better address the challenges inherent in a rapidly transforming health environment. With worsening health disparities and racism as a structural determinant of health, there is widespread acknowledgement of the need for a well-trained and diverse public health workforce. After 17 years as a public health leader in North Carolina, I joined Gillings in 2007 and consider myself a “pracademic”. As a member of Faculty Council, I would represent the interests of faculty who are dedicated to improving public health practice through their research and academic activities in true partnership with local communities and the local, state and federal public health workforce.

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