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2023 Faculty Election

Ximena Bustamante Marin

Running for: Division 17: School of Public Health, Nontenured
  • Assistant Professor
  • Nutrition
  • Appointed: 2019
  • PhD, Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I have participated in the Inclusive Excellence and Student admission subcommittees at department level. I am excited to serve as a faculty council member representing non-tenured faculties.

Candidate Statement

Non-tenured faculties teach, mentor students at all levels contribute to the research success of the school sometimes without recognition. As a representative I want to works towards the following points:
1) Implementing a plan for enhancing financial support and ensuring eligibility for internal grants.
2) Equitable space assignments.
3) Non-tenured faculty need multi-year contracts to have continuity and consistency in their work. It is a common to renew yearly contracts. Being under chronic stress each year, wondering if the contract will be renewed is not healthy for faculty, the university, or the students who deserve the quality and consistency that non-tenured faculty work tirelessly to provide– without any guarantee that they will be retained. As valued UNC members, we deserve to be acknowledged through longer appointments.

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