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2023 Faculty Election

Akaa Daniel Ayangeakaa

Running for: Faculty Grievance Committee, Assistant Professor/Assistant Librarian
  • Assistant Professor
  • Physics, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2020
  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

Although I have not served on a university-wide committee, my participation in numerous committees within the physics department has been significant. I have served as a member on several committees, including the Social Committee, Graduate Admissions & Recruiting Committee, Diversity Committee, TUNL REU Admissions Committee, APS Bridge Partnership Committee, TUNL Radiation Safety committee, Undergraduate Affairs & Studies Committee, and Potential Chair Nomination Survey Committee. My contributions to these committees have been valuable and impactful. For example, my work on the Social Committee has helped to build a sense of community.

Candidate Statement

I am running for this position because I believe in the importance of fair and equitable treatment for all faculty members. As a member of the faculty at UNC and my previous place of employment, I have witnessed firsthand the impact that grievances can have on individuals and the broader academic community. By serving on the committee, I hope to contribute to a process that ensures faculty members are treated with respect and their concerns are heard and addressed. In terms of qualifications and experience, I bring to the position a deep understanding of the academic environment, having served as a faculty member at two different institutions. In addition, I have experience serving on similar committees in the past as well as experiences in approaching difficult situations with objectivity, empathy, and fairness.

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