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2023 Faculty Election

Oluremi Abayomi

Running for: Educational Policy Committee
  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Statistics and Operations Research, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2022
  • Ph.D., Central Michigan University
UNC Service

I am currently serving as a member of the Student Advising Committee.

Candidate Statement

I am motivated to run for election to this position to collaborate on identifying obstacles to the democratization of the UNC educational system.

Drawing from my previous experience as an educator for 23 years (almost 11 in the United States), a former department chair and curriculum leader for a data analytics minor, I can partner with other committee members on highlighting the ethical implications of using technology in education. As a former international student, I will be able to offer the committee unique insights on making equitable educational opportunities accessible to both local and international students at UNC. I would advocate for policies that are grounded in research, informed by the needs of the community, and responsive to the diverse needs of learners.

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