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Meeting of the Faculty Council

Friday, October 7, 2022
3:00 p.m.
111 Carroll Hall (Hussman School of Journalism and Media)        **Please note: the location is different than last month**

The meeting will be streamed live at this link.


3:00 p.m.   Chair’s welcome and remarks
                      Chair of the Faculty Mimi Chapman (Social Work)

3:10 p.m.   2022 Hettleman Prize recipients
                      Announced by Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz

3:20 p.m.   Chancellor’s remarks and Q&A
                      Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz

3:35 p.m.   Provost’s remarks and Q&A
                      Provost Christopher Clemens

3:50 p.m.   Introduction to and remarks by the new Chief of Police
                      Chief Brian James

4:05 p.m.   Lead in campus water fixtures
                      Executive Director Cathy Brennan (Environment, Health and Safety)
                      Prof. Rebecca Fry (Environmental Sciences and Engineering)
                      Director Darrell Jeter, Emergency Management and Planning
                      Associate Vice Chancellor Anna Wu, Facilities Services

4:20 p.m.   Presentation on proposed changes to the Faculty Code [PDF
                      Committee on University Government report on proposed changes [PDF]
                      Prof. Joy Renner (Radiologic Science), Chair of the Committee on University Government

4:30 p.m.   Resolution on amending the Faculty Code as it pertains to the Chair and Secretary of the Faculty [PDF]
                      Submitted by the Committee on University Government

4:45 p.m.   Updates from the UNC Faculty Assembly [PDF]
                      Prof. Jan Hannig (Statistics and Operations Research), Chair of the UNC-CH Faculty Assembly Delegation

4:55 p.m.   Open discussion

5:00 p.m.   Adjournment

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