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Our annual faculty election ended this week and the candidates have been notified. Now I want to share the results with all of you. Please visit the 2022 election results page for a full report.

I sincerely thank all the candidates for running. It’s heartening to see so many faculty members willing to stand for election. I’d like to express my appreciation as well to everyone who filled out the faculty interest survey that you received last spring, and to the Nominating Committee, which used information from the interest survey to create the slate of candidates.

The “prize” for highest voter turnout goes to the School of Nursing—61% of its eligible voters participated in the election. Special mention also goes to the units with more than 50% participation: Education, Law, Humanities, Government, Fine Arts, and the Libraries.

Thank you to all who voted this year. I hope you will continue to vote in the annual election. I welcome those of you who haven’t voted or taken the faculty governance interest survey before to do so in the future.



Jill D. Moore
Secretary of the Faculty
Associate Professor of Public Law and Government

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