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Professor Lissa Broome completes her second full term as the University’s Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) on June 30, 2020, and Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz is considering her reappointment. The Advisory Committee has approved a review process that requires the establishment of a FAR review committee to make a recommendation to the chancellor based on inclusive, campus-wide feedback. Professor Joy Renner has been appointed chair of this review committee.

Section 3-4 of the Faculty Code provides: “The faculty athletics representative is appointed by the chancellor from among the voting faculty for an indefinite term, subject to formal review at least every five years. In making an appointment to this position or reviewing the incumbent, the chancellor follows a process established with the advice and consent of the Advisory Committee. The faculty athletics representative is the University’s voting delegate to the Atlantic Coast Conference and the University’s faculty representative within the National Collegiate Athletic Association. He or she makes an annual report to the Faculty Council and makes special reports to the Council from time to time as may be requested by the Agenda Committee.”

Professor Renner has posted the following supporting document for your consideration:

FAR Review Statement [PDF]
A written description of the FAR role and Professor Lissa Broome’s written summary of activities, challenges, concerns and accomplishments in her past term.

The FAR Review committee seeks your input as it prepares its recommendation for Chancellor Guskiewicz. We invite you to review the document above and provide your confidential feedback via the short questionnaire at the link below.

FAR Comment Form [HTML]
Please note, this portal will be live through June 3, 2020.

In addition, the FAR Review committee will establish an opportunity to provide direct feedback to committee members. If you would like to receive information about meeting with committee representatives, please email your interest to Anna Rose Medley,

Submitted by Professor Joy Renner on behalf of the FAR Review Committee:

  • Faculty Athletics Committee representative: Daryhl Johnson, Department of Surgery, committee chair
  • University administrator: Kim Strom, Ethics and Policy;  former Faculty Athletics Committee Vice Chair
  • Advisory Committee representative: Rohit Ramaswamy, Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • Advisory Committee representative: Winifred Metz, University Libraries
  • Admissions Office representative: Steve Farmer, Vice Provost for Enrollment and Admissions
  • Athletics Compliance Office/SWA: Marielle vanGelder, Associate Athletic Director
  • Women’s Athletics Head coach: Courtney Banghart, Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s Athletics Head coach: Joe Breschi, Men’s Lacrosse
  • Athletic Department administrator: Dwight Hollier, Associate Athletic Director
  • Student athlete: Rachel Jones, Women’s Soccer; Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
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