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Chair of the Faculty Beth Moracco sent the following letter of support on behalf of the faculty to Chancellor Guskiewicz earlier today.

November 27, 2023

Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz
South Building, Suite 103
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dear Kevin,

Over the past week, many faculty members have contacted me to express their support for you as our chancellor. While the individual words have varied, the themes of these conversations have been unanimous. Your faculty colleagues appreciate your steadfast commitment to our beloved university and your calm and steady leadership throughout the extraordinary challenges our campus community has faced since 2019. Your love for Carolina and devotion to our passionately public mission inspires us all. And, while we respect your decision-making process and the many factors to be weighed, I join a multitude of faculty voices in saying that I fervently hope that you will remain at Carolina.

Your colleagues recognize and appreciate the exceptional skill, integrity, and thoughtfulness you bring to your role as our chancellor. You have diligently engaged with the entire campus community through good times and bad, consistently seeking out the perspectives of faculty, staff, and students and keeping the lines of communication open. I have seen firsthand how your first instinct is to reach out and personally connect with the people most affected by events, as you did tirelessly in the aftermath of August 28.

As chair of the faculty and a longtime member of the Faculty Council, I have witnessed the benefits of your engagement with faculty governance at UNC. Your advocacy and support are essential to the shared governance that we all seek to uphold.

In short, the faculty have been communicating that you are a cherished professor, colleague, and leader. Throughout your tenure as chancellor, you have served as a constant reminder of our mission and purpose to protect and nourish learning, exploration, deliberation, and respect for everyone in our campus community. Your departure would be a devastating loss.

Please know that you have my utmost appreciation, respect, and unwavering support.



K. Elizabeth Moracco, PhD
Chair of the Faculty
Associate Professor of Health Behavior

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