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At the Faculty Executive Committee meeting on June 22, Professors Kia Caldwell and Sharon P. Holland presented a Roadmap for Racial Equity at UNC-CH, which they discussed with members of the committee and  Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Terry Rhodes. In response, Chair of the Faculty Lloyd Kramer stressed the importance of this Roadmap as a plan for action and as a summary of ethical issues that will require constant attention as the University evolves in the coming months and years; and the chair of the Faculty Committee on Community and Diversity, Rumay Alexander, stated that the committee wants to consult with the authors to find ways to collaborate in advancing the Roadmap’s overall goals.

The Roadmap for Racial Equity is available at this link. Signatures from supporters, as well as from additional Faculty of Color and Indigenous faculty are welcome.

In addition, Dr. Holland read her Open Letter to Leadership [PDF] at the meeting.

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