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Faculty from the 17 schools in the UNC system will now have the opportunity to submit feedback to the UNC Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions via a new Faculty Advisory Council.

The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) will function as a main conduit for faculty input to the UNC Strategic Directions Committee. Catherine Rigsby, Professor of Geological Sciences at East Carolina University and the Chair of the UNC Faculty Assembly, has agreed to chair the FAC. She and the FAC will work with the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee and attend all Strategic Directions working group meetings. The Council will make all working group public documents available to the Council and the faculty at large.

The FAC and the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee are tasked with ensuring transparency in the process and offering opportunities for faculty on all campuses to submit feedback. Faculty Chairs on the Executive Committee and Council will act as points of contact for communicating information and gathering input from their respective campuses.

Read UNC President Tom Ross’s letter to Prof. Rigsby creating the FAC here (October 8, 2012).

Read the document outlining the Faculty Advisory Council’s charge and membership here.

Members of the Faculty Advisory Council:

  • Susan Cannata, Professor of Literature and Composition, UNCP
  • Georgie Donovan, Assistant Professor and Associate Dean of Libraries, ASU
  • Vidyaranya B. Gargeya, Professor and Director of the MBA Program, Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, Bryant School of Business and Economics, UNCG
  • David A. Green, Professor, School of Law, NCCU
  • Scott Imig, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, UNCW
  • Trudy F. C. MacKay, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished University Professor of Genetics, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NCSU
  • Purificación Martínez, Associate Professor of Spanish, ECU
  • Erin McNelis, Associate Professor, Department Mathematics and Computer Science, WCU
  • Brian Sims, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, NCA&T
  • Eddy M. Souffrant, Associate Professor, Ethics, Department of Philosophy, UNCC
  • Rachel Willis, Bowman and Gordon Gray Distinguished Associate Professor of American Studies and an Adjunct Professor of Economics, UNC-CH
  • Linda Wilson-Jones, Professor and Director of Research Initiatives, FSU
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