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Photo by Ketaki “Sonali” Upasani for The Daily Tar Heel

Professor Mimi Chapman, the Frank A. Daniels Distinguished Professor for Human Service Policy Information in the School of Social Work was elected to serve as the University’s 25th chair of the faculty in spring of 2020. Her three-year term concluded in June 2023.

A native of Texas, Professor Chapman received her B.A. in Journalism and American Studies from Baylor University, a master of science in social work from The University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D. in social work from Carolina. She joined the UNC-Chapel Hill faculty in 2001. In addition to teaching in the School of Social Work, she also serves as its director of doctoral admissions.

Prior to being elected as chair of the faculty, Professor Chapman’s Faculty Governance committee service had included membership on the Faculty Council, Faculty Executive Committee, Faculty Grievance Committee, Faculty Hearings Committee and the Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure.

Professor Chapman felt that one of her main roles as faculty chair was to listen to faculty colleagues and administrators throughout the University to understand their perspectives, prompt maximum transparency, and provide forums for conversations and information sharing. At the beginning of her term as chair when the University was dealing with the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Chapman sent a message to the faculty that said, “Although our University has been through challenging times before, it is hard to imagine a time in which honest dialogue, good information, and constant communication were more important than they are now.”

Her final message as chair was sent to the faculty in late June 2023.

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