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Chair of the Faculty Bruce Cairns published a letter to the editor in The Daily Tar Heel on February 2, 2017. The full text follows:

TO THE EDITOR:I am writing in response to the opinion piece “UNC administrators mishandled Trump’s ban.” I agree with the need for the UNC community to respond strongly to this development.

To that end, it is true that the Faculty Executive Committee passed a resolution in “support of international students,” but it is also true that Chancellor Folt, Provost Dean and their colleagues are working diligently to address the many practical and important consequences of this executive order.

The FEC met with several of these administrators and we discussed in detail the complex issues related to immigration status at Carolina and the potential impact on the community. This issue is by no means resolved and countless people at Carolina, including our Chancellor, are working diligently to support the community during this difficult time. Now is a time for us to work rather than resort to unnecessarily inflammatory rhetoric.

Prof. Bruce A. Cairns
Chair of the Faculty

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