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kerr1001The Faculty Council and General Faculty are set to meet this Friday, September 25, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in a new location in Kerr Hall Room 1001 (Eshelman School of Pharmacy).  All members  of the faculty are welcome to attend and participate.

The agenda is available here.


Notable events include the launch of a yearlong diversity conversation under the leadership of Prof. Rumay Alexander and the Community and Diversity Committee, and discussion and vote on two of the four resolutions put before Council at last February’s meeting by the Athletics Reform Group.  The Faculty Athletics Committee and Faculty Athletics Representative will present annual reports, and there will be a discussion and vote on a resolution in support of Prof. Neel Ahuja’s “Literature of 9/11” course.

Council members should arrive by 2:45 and take seats towards the front/middle of the room in the areas marked by the table signs. Non-Council members may take the remaining seats around the perimeter.

The new room will permit remote viewing and participation via a web-based (easy) platform called Blue Jeans.  The link to join the presentation is here.  There is a limit of about 95 “outside” participants in the meeting via this platform and Council leadership will be experimenting with how best to use it going forward.

The Office of Faculty Governance staff will also live-tweet the meeting from @UNCFacGov under the hashtag #FacCouncil–joined by several in-Council tweeters.

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