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The release last week of the Rawlings Panel report making recommendations for reform in UNC and college athletics called to mind for many a very similar report issued in 1989 by a Faculty Council-commissioned “Ad Hoc Committee on Athletics and the University,” chaired by former Chair of the Faculty Doris Betts.  That report made 32 recommendations for “national and local reform” that were adopted by Faculty Council in early 1990.

Given that discussion of the Rawlings Report will be a major focus of the September and October Faculty Council meetings, we thought some might like to review the earlier report, as well as Faculty Council minutes from the meetings where it was discussed.

The copy of the report below was obtained from the UNC-Chapel Hill University Archives on the fourth floor of Wilson Library, Collection 40106, General Faculty and Faculty Council of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Records, 1799-2011, Subseries 5.2. Ad hoc Committee on Athletics and the University, 1982, 1986-1990.

Faculty Council records are also held in Wilson.  The finding aid for all Faculty Governance records is here.

Here are the documents:

Betts, Doris, et al.  Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Athletics and the University.  Submitted to Faculty Council December 15, 1989.  NOTE:  This version includes both the original text of the proposed recommendations AND the final, amended versions of the recommendations as approved by Faculty Council.  You must read to the very end (beyond the endnotes) to see the final versions of the recommendations.

Faculty Council Minutes, January 19, 1990.

Faculty Council Minutes, February 9, 1990.

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