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strategicplancoverThe UNC Board of Governors recently approved the strategic plan, Our Time, Our Future, to guide the university system for the next five years.  Last Friday (February 22), the UNC Faculty Assembly (which includes representatives from all UNC system campuses) and President Tom Ross constituted a Faculty Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions Implementation (FAC_SDI) to facilitate faculty involvement in the implementation of the plan. This committee includes representatives from all UNC system schools; Chapel Hill’s representative is Prof. Steve Leonard, who has been very involved all year in Faculty Assembly’s deliberations about the strategic plan.

Faculty Assembly Chair Catherine Rigsby has asked each campus to identify faculty who are willing to be on call to attend meetings of GA’s SDI working groups, do research, serve in coordinating or advisory roles, or help in any other way they can.  A short survey has been developed to collect the names and information about faculty willing to participate.  It would be most helpful if faculty members respond soon, as the organizers hope to have a list of potential participants by March 8th, but the survey will be open after that for others who may want to join in later.  

Respond to the Survey

Chair of the Faculty Jan Boxill and Chapel Hill Faculty Assembly Delegation Chair Prof. Steve Bachenheimer have expressed a desire to see a robust list of volunteers from the Chapel Hill campus for this undertaking.  As President Ross has emphasized throughout the process, they noted in an email to faculty today, the plan is a “living document”; faculty attention during the its implementation will help ensure that faculty perspectives and expertise continue to help guide the process.

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