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Chair of the Faculty Jan Boxill and the members of the UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty Assembly delegation met with the entire UNC system Faculty Assembly on Friday, January 18 to consider the first full draft of the new UNC system strategic plan, Our Time, Our Future.  As those who have followed this process know, the planning initiative is moving very quickly.  System president Tom Ross hopes to have the new strategic plan ready for consideration by the UNC Board of Governors at their next meeting on February 8.

Faculty Assembly delegates on all of the system campuses have been asked to distribute the documents below to our faculty members for commentary and response.  We therefore include in the table below all pertinent documents for faculty to review regarding the strategic planning initiative.  As you will note, there are three resolutions passed at Faculty Assembly last Friday, along with a formal response document from Faculty Assembly to the draft strategic plan (this response includes the finalized Faculty Advisory Council Response Report).  This formal response document has already been sent to President Ross.

Meanwhile, the UNC system Association of Student Governments has also sent a response, which is also included below for your information.

ACTIONS:  After reading the documents below, faculty at Chapel Hill are being asked to do two things now to inform the planning process:

  • Ask our Faculty Council to formally endorse the position taken by Faculty Assembly on the planning document.  Since our Faculty Council does not meet until February 8th, your elected Faculty Executive Committee, which is empowered to act on the Council’s behalf in situations where speed is necessary, will take up this action at their meeting on Monday, January 28th.
  • Offer specific edits and suggestions for changes to the draft plan.  At this point, what is needed are not general reactions, by very specific suggestions for changes, enhancements, or additions linked clearly to particular pages and passages in the document.  These comments will be folded into a general UNC-Chapel Hill faculty response document to be assembled this weekend by Chair Boxill and other faculty leaders.  To make it easier for you to offer suggestions and to make it easier for your representatives to assimilate them, we have created a simple, four-question, open-ended survey that you can access at this link.  You will be asked for your name, department, any comments you may have on the plan, and whether we may list your name in support of the Faculty Assembly resolutions passed Friday and included below.    If you would like to respond, please do so by 5:00 pm this Friday, January 25th.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.  It is by no means too late to make a difference, and faculty voices need to be heard now.
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