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Given at Faculty Council, April 15th, 2011

Activities/Accomplishments for Academic Years 2009-2011

This section of our meeting is meant for our annual report of activities from this academic year.  As this is our last meeting together I would like to recap some of the work we have done together over the last two years and thank you for it.

Enfranchisement of Retired faculty- I start with this as it was the first thing that came to me- even before I began in the Office.

Addition of two Emeritus Representatives to the Council: Resolution 2010-1
Voting right of representatives: Resolution 2011-1

I hope this furthers the ongoing dialog about how we can tap the valuable resource that is our body of Emeritus professors.

Contrary to this morning’s article I honestly have not been working on this for two decades

Fixed term Faculty three tier system- this is the main reason I ran for the Office of Faculty Chair- to bring us all into a discussion (and it is ongoing) about creating a more appreciative and reasonable environment for our Fixed Term colleagues.

Third title: Master Lecturer: Resolution 2011-
Clarification of Faculty Code of voting rights Resolution 2011-2

Grading Policy- I inherited this one as many chairs did before me!

Educational Policy Committee has worked patiently for years to come to this answer.
Contextual transcripts- thank you for a very long journey Andy Perrin, Chair Andrea Biddle and committee 

Standing Committees:Fixed Term Faculty Committee- collect and help create templates for new system- continue to work with Provost and Deans offices- thank you Jean DeSaix and committee  STAND

CSOW- salary, promotion rates equity study- with the help of the Office of Institutional Research- thank you Amy Herring, Barbara Osborne and Committee        

Reinstitution of FITAC to assist Vice Chancellor Larry Conrad in his IT efforts

Move to Sakai from Blackboard
On- line evaluations
Faculty advice on IT issues and policies

Thank you to Larry for realizing that one more password to a busy faculty member is like having a root canal.

Reconstitution of “Copyright Committee”- really to deal with issues of intellectual property rights and Course Hero- to be named by Chancellor Thorp

Administrative Board of the Library
Restructuring the board to a more workable and the election and appointment processes clearer Resolution 2010-1

Other Resolutions:

Resolution 2010-2. On Establishing the Edward Kidder Graham Faculty Service Award (03/19/2010)
Resolution 2010-3. On Enhanced Grade Reporting (04/23/2010)
Resolution 2010-4. On Excused Absences for Religious Observances (09/10/2010)
Resolution 2010-5. On the Making Connections Curriculum
Resolution 2010-6. On Supporting a Resolution of the University of North Carolina Faculty Assembly on Academic Freedom

Thanks to Vin Steponitis, Joe Ferrell and the University Governance committee for their meticulous work on these

We agreed that one of the most valuable things we could do is to inform the FC and in turn the faculty about what mechanisms and resources exist within our system.

Hence we aimed to make each Council meeting as informative as possible inviting chairs and representatives from myriad offices to come and speak.

Sometimes issues found us and sometimes we realized that folks just did not know all they could about the way things work and resources at home: IT- security; Hearings and Grievance; Career Services; Office of Student Affairs; Teaching with Technology; H1N1

This approach is due to the thoughtful work of our Agenda Committee    

Diversity and inclusion crossed our desks many times and we created a standing commitment to the Office of Diversity and Multi-Cultural Affairs and the Center for Faculty Excellence for an annual workshop.  Last year’s theme was “Teaching so Everyone Learns”; this year’s will be “How to keep the classroom “safe”- working with safe language and inclusive practices.

All of these efforts were vetted by the Faculty Executive Committee- this dedicated group of colleagues provided exceptional advice not only to me but to the varied guests who sought their sage counsel.   

Our meetings nearly always included a frank report from the Provost.

Provost Bruce Carney is simply one of the wisest, kindest, smartest people I know and it is a joy to work with him.  If you have to hear bad news it seems a little “not so bad” when you hear it from Bruce.

Provost Carney is not here to affirm this but I hope he remembers the day a Tar Heel reporter asked me what the take away from a particularly active meeting was- and I said to her that no matter how good we get at Carolina we never take “Yes” for an answer.

The administration never stops- ever.  Never stops thinking of ways we can move ahead and expand capacity- to make Carolina the best possible place to work and learn.

Academic Plan, Promotion and Tenure, Public Service, engagement- should there be a dance minor?  It goes on and on…….

I said recently to another reporter that one of the best parts of this job was meeting the men and women who make up the administration and fill the offices and essential roles that make Carolina work.

And I really value that Carolina appreciates and nurtures its own leaders

This includes my dear friend Karen Gil who became Dean while our IAH fellows class cheered on.

Senior Associate Dean Bill Andrews who started his term as dean as started as Chair and who has moved in status as “who is this man and why is he trying thwart my every move!!??” to one of my most treasured advisors and mentor and friend.

Ron Strauss who is just tireless and the MOST dedicated man I have ever met.  He also always looks great- there is a portrait in a closet somewhere…..

Holden Thorp who has taken Carolina in his very capable hands and nurtures it like one of his own children. 

Sometimes his are necessarily tough hands, wonderfully creative hands, hands that hold up a weary head, hands that shake another’s hand in gratitude or congratulations, and always hard working hands that will stop to wave to a student, a friend and play a sassy keyboard when needed.

 Diane Leonard, Steve Bachenheimer, Cookie Newsom, Ruth Walden, Lynn Blanchard, Winston Crisp, Dick Mann, Dwight Pinkney, Mellissa Manning, Leslie Strohm, Shirley Ort, Carol Tressolini, Lynn Williford, our Senior Associate Deans, Lissa Broome and Jack Evans, Dick Baddour, Abigail Panter, Charles Daye, Jacquie Overton. 

This sounds like an Oscar speech- I hear the music cutting me off and I haven’t named nearly all of the amazing people with whom I have worked over the last two years.

Most especially I have had the honor of knowing my fellows in the Office of Faculty Governance- Katie Turner- who has brought order and style to our work.

Dr. Anne Whisnant who is simply the most capable, intelligent, energetic and giving woman I know.

And Joe Ferrell who is a classic treasure, pure and simple.  We do not always see things in the same light but I would rather go back and forth with Joe than agree with most people.  He is smart and classy and a true gentleman which means in my mother’s tongue- he knows how to “do”.  His dedication is unwavering and we are lucky that he is willing to serve again as Secretary.

When asked about my “legacy” I gave an answer to the Tar Heel I would like to retract.

I do not leave anything behind because I am the one who has gained the most from our time together.

It has been my complete honor to chair our outstanding faculty and Faculty Council.

Thank YOU for the privilege of working with you.

One thing I did not mention is Appreciative Inquiry- I know you are grateful

Special Thanks to another great friend and mentor David Kiel who helped me understand the power of asset based thinking- and we will do one more exercise now.

If you would please complete the questions on your papers- we will pass your thoughts on to our new chair.

Oh, and we went paperless.

One last favor- get out there and vote, bring a date!


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