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2020 Faculty Election

Dan Young

Running for: Faculty Grievance Committee, Fixed-Term Faculty
  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Physics and Astronomy, Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2017
  • PhD, University of New Hampshire, 2014
UNC Service

I am an active member in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, participating regularly on the Introductory Physics Oversight Committee (IPOC), the Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGS), and the Outreach Committee in addition to serving as the faculty adviser to the Science Olympiad club on campus. As I find myself settling into the UNC system, I am looking to extend my service to the wider campus community and get involved in committees at the general faculty/university level.

Candidate Statement

I am looking to extend my service to the wider campus community and find the Grievance Committee to be a place where I would like to exert my energies towards in an effort to bring clear and level-headed discussions regarding faculty concerns. During my undergraduate and graduate education experience, I served on the Honor Council and as an Ombudsman. In addition, as I teach introductory courses every semester (~350 students/semester) and have to handle constant student concerns and questions, I am comfortable in the role of conflict resolution in addition to said classroom experience teaching me to process and understand complex and contentious issues from multiple perspectives. I would be honored to be elected to a position on the Faculty Grievance Committee and am committed to a fair and equitable work environment for all faculty.

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