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2020 Faculty Election

Erika Wilson

Running for: Faculty Hearings Committee
  • Associate Professor of Law, Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Chair in Public Policy
  • School of Law
  • Appointed: 2012
  • JD, UCLA
UNC Service

I joined the faculty at UNC in 2012 and care deeply about the University. I am an active participant faculty governance. I served a full term as a member of the Faculty Athletics Committee ("FAC"). Serving on the FAC gave me an opportunity to become intimately familiar with how various parts of the university operate. It also allowed me to see how important university committees and faculty governance are to the health of the University. In addition, I also serve as Director for the UNC School of Law Clinical Programs. In that capacity I deal with complex issues related to human resources, personnel decisions, and unit operations.

Candidate Statement

The tenure and reappointment process is a critical part of UNC's operations. It shapes the faculty who become a part of the university community which in turn dictates how well UNC is able to fulfill its mission and goals. It is vital that faculty who are contesting a reappointment or tenure decision have the opportunity to be heard in a manner that is equitable and by open-minded peers. I believe that my experience as a practicing lawyer for 17 years will enable me to bring fresh and important perspectives to the Faculty Hearings Committee.

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