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2020 Faculty Election

Christopher Willett

Running for: Educational Policy Committee
  • Research Associate Professor
  • Biology, Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2002
  • PhD, Cornell University, 1999
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I am currently finishing my second term on Faculty Council having started my first term in 2014. I am also currently the Director of Graduate Studies and Admissions for the Biology Department (since 2018).

Candidate Statement

I think that my range of research and teaching experiences qualifies me to serve on this committee and I would be happy to serve if elected. I currently teach in a large undergraduate course, a smaller course-based undergraduate research course (CURE), and graduate seminar courses. I was a fellow for an AAU initiative which aimed to help transform large STEM courses by introducing more structure and active learning, and am now part of a faculty learning community to work on effective CURE design and implementation. I believe that faculty should move to implement new course and teaching techniques where appropriate and helpful, while striving to retain features that are working well currently. I would bring a similar philosophy to other aspects of educational policy.

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