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2021 Faculty Election

David Stotts

Running for: Administrative Board of the Library: Natural Sciences and Mathematics
  • Professor
  • Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 1992
  • Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1985
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

Previously served on the Faculty Council, and as member and chair of the Administrative Board of the Library

Candidate Statement

I have served on the Faculty Council and on the Administrative Board of the Library in the past. My research for years has been in digital information systems, hypermedia, and the Web, and I think it is critical to have digital technology expertise on the advisory board for our library. The library is traditionally the central core of this institution, not only as a repository for accumulated knowledge, but as a facilitating resource for ongoing research and expansion of our knowledge. The library should continue to function as the core as we go ever deeper into a digital culture. This past year in Zoom world has shown us all how critical it is to have the right technology in place for the times. I would be pleased to serve again in this technical advisory capacity for the ongoing evolution of our library facilities.

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