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2022 Faculty Election

Anthony Passannante

Running for: Faculty Grievance Committee, Full Professor/Librarian
  • Professor and Executive Vice-Chair, Anesthesiology
  • Medicine
  • Appointed: 1991
  • MD, State University of New York Healthe Sciences Center at Syracuse, 1985
UNC Service

My current service to UNC is through my dual roles as Vice-Chair, Anesthesiology and Associate Director of the Operating Room at UNC Hospitals. For much of the past two years we have been insuring that urgent and emergent medical services remain available during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am very proud of how our workforce and institution has functioned through this time of serious stress. Earlier in my career I served on the Faculty Council, the Educational Policy Committee including a year as Chair, the Financial Exigency and Program Change Committee, and I currently serve on the Faculty Grievance Committee and am seeking reelection.

Candidate Statement

The main purpose for seeking reelection is to ensure that any faculty member who has a grievance with the University is treated fairly. Over the years I have had to participate in the adjudication of many disputes, some simple, some very complicated. This experience has taught me to ensure that all the issues that lead to a faculty member filing a grievance are examined. I will be disciplined enough to consider the conflict from multiple perspectives, and apply the relevant framework to reach a decision based on merits of the grievance. Over the years I have held many roles that required me to settle conflict; Residency Program Director, Director of Clinical Operations, Associate Operating Room Director, Executive Vice-Chair. These experiences have prepared me well to serve UNC on the Faculty Grievance Committee.

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